Stellar Scientific Software Solutions

Stellar Science is a computer software company providing leading-edge scientific software
for its customers. We develop innovative new technologies by combining quality modern
software development skills with scientific expertise in fields such as: geometry processing,
image processing, scientific visualization, simulation, and numerical optimization.

WHAT WE DO: Custom Software Applications & Development
CAD/Geometry Processing
Pluggable geometry engine allows for reading and writing of many formats and synthesis of data from diverse sources. Learn More
Integrating many flexible tools, interfaces, and engines allows for a wide variety of simulations. Learn More
Scientific Visualization
Radiometrically accurate ray tracing engine with customizable geometry and physics engines. Learn More
Image Processing
Scientifically accurate multispectral image processing with plugins for feature tracking, optic flow, and 3D shape from motion. Learn More
Software Development
Agile, Cross-Platform, Highly Usable, Secure, Distributed Software Development leveraging Open Source. Learn More
Key Corporate Metrics
Measurements of key quantities vital to Stellar Science's ongoing commitment to the work environment. Learn More
Stellar Science has just started several exciting scientific software research and development efforts: DEVELOPERS NEEDED
To handle this influx of new work, we need to hire several talented scientific software designers and developers. Learn more about becoming part of our team.