PRODUCTS: J2K Escalator

Stellar Science presents J2K Escalator, an Adobe Photoshop File Format Plug-in that allows you to read JPEG 2000 imagery directly into Photoshop and other host image processing applications.

JPEG 2000 is a new image coding system that uses state-of-the-art compression techniques based on wavelet technology. Its architecture should lend itself to a wide range of uses from portable digital cameras through to advanced pre-press, medical imaging and other key sectors.

The J2K Escalator plug-in has been extensively tested on dozens of images including the complete suite of Part 4 Conformance image files.

Among other things, the current version of J2K Escalator supports:

  • JPEG 2000 Part 4 Conformance Files
  • Large files -- including images that contain more than 2.5 billion pixels.
  • Both common and uncommon data types, including imagery that contains 8- and 16-Bit signed or unsigned integer pixels. If an intensity transform is required to get the data into a format that Photoshop natively understands, J2K Escalator will do it for you and allow you to tweak the process if necessary.
  • An arbitrary number of bands per image. Photoshop will only allow up to 56 channels per image. J2K Escalator will truncate off any excess channels so the image can still be read in and processed.

These features make J2K Escalator a very valuable tool to almost anybody who works with JPEG 2000 compressed imagery.

There are some limitations however:

  • Writing JPEG 2000 imagery. The current version of J2K Escalator cannot write JPEG 2000 image files.

If J2K Escalator doesn't fully meet your JPEG 2000 processing needs, please let us know what functionality is missing. We are committed to making this product as useful to our customers as possible.